Hello! I am Yalong Yang.

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech. I was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Visual Computing Group at Harvard University with Prof. Hanspeter Pfister. Before joining Harvard, I received my Ph.D. from Human-Centred Computing Department, Monash University, Australia. My primary and secondary supervisors were Prof. Tim Dwyer and Prof. Kim Marriott. My thesis is available at "Visualising Geographically-Embedded Origin-Destination Flows: in 2D and immersive environments".

My research concerns many different aspects of Visualization (VIS), VR/AR, and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), especially the emerging research topic — Immersive Analytics which focuses on applying engaging, embodied display and interaction techniques (e.g. VR/AR) for data visualization and visual analytics. I publish my research at premier venues like IEEE VIS, ACM CHI, IEEE TVCG, EuroVis, and received two best paper honorable mention awards: IEEE VIS 2016 and ACM CHI 2021.

About Virginia Tech
From the Princeton Review: "Virginia Tech is a school with a reputation as big as its campus. Known for its beautiful campus, amazing community feel, top-notch engineering field."

Virginia Tech offers an exceptional academic environment for VIS/VR/AR/HCI. In VT CS, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with researchers from interdisciplinary research centers and institutes, e.g., the Center for Human-Computer Interaction (CHCI) and the Sanghani Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.

VT CS is expanding rapidly: with many new faculty hires in recent years (potentially more in the future) and two brand-new buildings in its Blacksburg campus: the Gilbert Street Building and the Data and Decision Sciences Building. The Gilbert Street Building will be ready in 2023 Spring!

Contact me if you are interested in working with me. Having experience or being familiar with Unity3D/d3js/WebXR or similar tools is a plus.

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