This page lists selected activities in my academic life. In addition to the activities in the time-line, I am also contributing to the VIS/HCI community by reviewing submissions from conferences and journals, including:
InfoVis 2017/19
ACM CHI 2019
VAST 2018/19
EuroVis 2017/18/19
PacificVis 2017
Graph Drawing 2015/17
IEEE VR 2019
Diagrams 2016
ACM TiiS Journal 2017
ChinaVis 2016

Apr 2019

Conference PacificVis 2019 @ Bangkok

Presenting a VisNote:

What-Why Analysis of Expert Interviews: Analysing Geographically-Embedded Flow Data


Mar - Jun 2019

Teach Data exploration and visualisation

Monash FIT5147
800+ students enrolled.
Acting as the Head tutor.


Dec 2018

Qualification PhD thesis finalised

Visualising Geographically-Embedded Origin-Destination Flows: in 2D and immersive environments

Oct 2018

Conference IEEE VIS 2018 @ Berlin

Presented InfoVis Paper:

Origin-Destination Flow Maps in Immersive Environments

Jun 2018

Conference EuroVis 2018 @ Brno

Presented EuroVis Paper:

Maps and Globes in Virtual Reality

Mar - Jun 2018

Teach Data exploration and visualisation

Monash FIT5147
350+ students enrolled.
Acted as the Head tutor.


Oct 2017

Conference IEEE VIS @ Phoenix

Attended InfoVis 2017 - Doctoral Colloquium:

Visualising Geographically-Embedded Flow Data

Dec 2017

Award Best Research Paper Award 2017

Monash Faculty of IT

Apr 2017

Award ACEMS Business Analytics Prize 2017

ACEMS Website

Mar - Jun 2017

Teach Data exploration and visualisation

Monash FIT5147
150+ students enrolled.
Acted as the Lecturer for half a semester.

Acted as the head tutor for the entire semester.


Dec 2016

Award Teaching Congratulatory Letter

Received from Monash Vice-Provost

Top 8.91% in unit evaluation university-wide

Oct 2016

Award Best Paper Honorable Mention

InfoVis 2016, Link

Oct 2016

Conference IEEE VIS @ Baltimore

Presented InfoVis Paper:

Many-to-Many Geographically-Embedded Flow Visualisation: An Evaluation

Mar - Jun 2016

Teach Data exploration and visualisation

Monash FIT5147
60+ students enrolled.
Acted as the head tutor.


Mar 2015

Qualification PhD started

Jan 2015

Qualification Master thesis finalised

Continuous Ultrasound based Articulatory Movement Synthesis from Speech


Oct 2014

Award NICTA PhD Scholarship

May 2014

Award Standard Chartered Scholarship

Apr 2013

Award Standard Chartered Scholarship

Sep 2012

Qualification Master started

Jun 2012

Qualification Bachelor thesis finalised

Theory Study of Biped Walking for Humanoid Robot


Dec 2011

Award IBM Excellent Student Scholarship

Only 74 scholarships awarded in China nation-wide.

Including both undergraduates, post-graduates.

Aug 2011

Award 3rd Prize for China Robot Contest

RoboCup China Open

RoboCup Official Site

Apr 2011

Award The Excellence Award

China Mobile Second College Student Innovation Contest


Dec 2010

Award 2nd Prize for Intel Cup

National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest 2010

Intel Cup Official Site

Sep 2008

Qualification Bachelor started

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